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Information Disclosure and Compliance

Total Accumulated Loans Since Established: Rp Rp

Total Accumulated Loans Throughout This Year: Rp Rp

Total Outstanding Loans: Rp Rp

Accumulated Borrower Accounts (Individual and Institution): Individual: , Institution: 0

Number of Active Borrowers (Individual and Institution): Individual: , Institution: 0

*Updated on: 2021/7/16

Directors and Commissioner

Syam Agus Chandra

Presiden Komisaris

Has served as President Commissioner of PT Idana Solusi Sejahtera since May 29 2020 based on OJK Approval Letter Number: S-260/NB.213/2020 dated May 29 2020.

Has more than 30 years of experience in banking, other financial services institutions and the financial technology industry

Held strategic positions in Risk Management, Anti-Fraud, Credit Risk Investigation, AML CFT & Corporate Security in several companies such as American Express Bank Ltd, GE Finance Indonesia and Bank Danamon Indonesia.

Bachelor Degree in Banking Economic Perbanas Institute Jakarta

CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) Singapore.

Antonius Gunawan


Has served as Director of PT Idana Solusi Sejahtera since May 29 2020 based on OJK Approval Letter Number: S-260/NB.213/2020 dated May 29 2020.

Over ten years of experience as a Legal Consultant and work as an Advocate in the fields of Investment, Acquisition & Merger, Banking & Finance as well as commercial litigation

Bachelor Degree Law, Atma Jaya Catholic University Jakarta

Bar License from Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia (PERADI)

Shareholder Information

  1. Aifin Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore with principal activity engaging in business investment and other financial support services. It is backed by a China-base leading internet finance company providing financial solutions to under-banked customers and diversified services including wealth management, PE/VC investment, unsecured personal loans, auto and home equity loans.
  2. PT Persada Ciptanusa, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PT Indonusa Dwitama ('Indonusa'), Indonusa was founded in 2003 by Victor Fungkong as an investment holding company investing in a variety of assets portfolio ranging from exploration and exploitation of mining goods, information technology and trading in Indonesia. One of the notable investments of Indonusa includes being the founding member of Tokopedia in 2009, Indonesia’s first e- Commerce platform

Event, Socialization and Activity Calendar

Socialization Plan Throughout This Year
No City Month Notes
1 Bandung September 2019 With Empatkali
2 Semarang October 2019 With Fintekmedia - Universitas Diponegoro
3 Jogja October 2019 With Empatkali - Koping Creative Space
4 Jakarta December 2019 With Big Indonesia - Kinanti Building Epicentrum
5 Malang January 2020 With Empatkali - Sonja CoWorking
6 Surabaya February 2020 With Empatkali - DILO Surabaya
7 Bali February 2020 With Empatkali - DILO Surabaya
8 Malang September 2020 With Equila Corp
9 Jember May 2021 With DIA EO - Universitas Jember
10 Jakarta October 2020 With OJK - BIK Online Expo
11 Jakarta October 2021 With OJK - BIK Online Expo
12 Malang November 2021 With AFPI - Grand Mercure Malang
Outside Java
No City Month Notes
1 Manado April 2019 AFPI Goes to Campus
2 Makassar December 2019 AFPI Goes to Campus
3 Riau January 2020 AFPI Goes to Campus
4 Surabaya February 2020 Seminar Fintech - Empatkali
5 Kupang February 2020 AFPI Goes to Campus
6 Bengkulu February 2020 AFPI Goes to Campus
7 Semarang September 2020 AFPI Goes to Campus
8 Samarinda September 2021 AFPI Goes to Campus
9 Jakarta October 2020 BIK EXPO
10 Sumatera Utara March 2021 AFPI Goes to Campus
11 Bengkulu April 2021 AFPI Goes to Campus
12 Malang November 2021 AFPI Goes to Campus
13 Palembang 24 - 25 Mei 2022 AFPI Goes to Campus
14 Pontianak - Tanjung pura 28 August 2022 AFPI Goes to Campus, Seminar sosialisasi Fintech
15 Banjarmasin 1 December 2022 AFPI Goes to Campus : Paham inovasi Kekinian di Era 4.0
16 Jepara 12 April 2023 AFPI Goes to Campus : Bijak memahami hak & Kewajiban konsumen FIntech Pendanaan Bersama

User Complaints Mechanism and Service

  1. Users can submit comments / complaints via email to or via phone call at 021-24163377
  2. All complaints will be processed at the earliest 3x24 hours.
  3. If in the process of handling, we need users to attach additional information, then the handling period will be extended.
  4. If the complaint does not meet the requirements for filing a complaint, the complaint may be rejected and the user has to file the complaint again.
  5. All reports of complaints received will be reported to the Financial Services Authority (OJK) every month along with company performance reports.

Statement Of Financial Position

As at 31 December 2022

(in Rupiah)

Current Assets
Non-current Assets
Current Liabilities
Non-current Liabilities

Statement of Comprehensive Income

For The Year Ended on 31 December 2022

Operating Costs
Comprehensive Profit

Audit 2022 Opinion:

In our opinion, the accompanying financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of PT Idana Solusi Sejahtera as of December 31, 2022, as well as its financial performance and cash flows for the year then ended, per Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards.

*This report is presented based on KAP KANAKA PURADIREDJA, SUHARTONO Final Report


  • 1. The Information Technology-Based Co-Funding Service is a civil agreement between the Fund Provider and the Fund Recipient, so that all risks arising from the agreement are fully borne by each party.
  • 2. Credit risk or default and all losses resulting from or related to the loan agreement are fully borne by the donor. No state institution or authority is responsible for the risk of default and loss.
  • 3. The Operator with the approval of each User (Funder and/or Fund Recipient) accesses, obtains, stores, manages and/or uses User's personal data ('Utilization of Data') on or in objects, electronic devices (including smartphones or cellular phone), hardware (hardware) or software (software), electronic documents, applications or electronic systems owned by the User or controlled by the User, by notifying the purpose, limitations and mechanism of Utilization of the Data to the User concerned before obtaining the intended approval.
  • 4. Fund givers who do not have the knowledge and experience of lending and borrowing are advised not to use this service.
  • 5. Fund recipients must consider the loan interest rate and other fees according to their ability to repay the loan.
  • 6. Every fraud is recorded digitally in cyberspace and can be known by the wider community on social media.
  • 7. Users must read and understand this information before making a decision to become a Fund Provider or Fund Recipient.
  • 8. The government, namely in this case the Financial Services Authority, is not responsible for any violation or non-compliance by the User, both the Fund Provider and the Fund Recipient (whether due to the User's intention or negligence) with the provisions of laws and regulations as well as agreements or agreements between the Provider and the Provider Funds and/or Fund Recipients.
  • 9. Every transaction and lending and borrowing activities or implementation of agreements concerning lending and borrowing between or involving Providers, Fund Providers and/or Fund Recipients must be carried out through an escrow account and virtual account as required under the Financial Services Authority Regulation 10/POJK.05/2022 regarding Information Technology-Based Co-Funding Services (LPBBTI) and violation or non-compliance with these provisions is evidence that a violation of law has occurred by the Operator so that the Operator is obliged to bear the compensation suffered by each User as a direct result of the violation of the law mentioned above without reducing the rights Users who suffer losses according to the Civil Code.
  • 10. User/borrower data submitted through the Cairin application will also be reported to the Fintech Data Center (FDC) or Pusdafil.
  • 11. Whereas the Fund Recipient already knows and fully bears the risk of providing the loan;
  • 12. Whereas the Recipient of Funds already knows the risk of losing assets or assets due to default;
  • 13. Whereas the Fund Recipient already knows, considers, and agrees to all applicable interest rates and fees in accordance with the ability to pay off the loan;
  • 14. Whereas Fund Recipients are required to learn basic knowledge about (LPBBTI) before giving loans;
  • 15. That any fraud and illegal actions are fully reported to the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and the general public in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations;
  • 16. Whereas the credit record of the Fund Recipient will be reported periodically to the Financial Services Authority for the benefit of the Fintech Lending Data Center which will be shared with national banking industry players and other financial industries;
  • 17. That the Fund Recipient has read and studied each of the terms and conditions.