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  •  1.What is the loan limit that I can get?
  •  2.I have paid my bill, can my limit be increased?
  •  3.Why is my loan limit reduced when I apply for another loan?
  • What is the loan limit that I can get?

    Loan limit up to 20 million

  • I have paid my bill, can my limit be increased?

    The loan limit is determined based on the results of the analysis carried out when you apply for a loan. You are expected to pay the loan on time to be able to increase your loan limit and ensure your loan history is good.

  • Why is my loan limit reduced when I apply for another loan?

    The limit and tenor have been recommended automatically by our system based on the review results from our credit analyst team.


  • 1. Information Technology-Based Co-Funding Services is a civil agreement between Lender with and Borrower, so all the risk which arise from that agreement is completely covered by each party.
  • 2. Credit Risk or Payment Default and all the losses from or related with the loan agreement fully covered by Lender. There is no institution or state authority is responsible for the payment default risk and the losses.
  • 3. The Operator with the consent of each User (Lender and/or Borrower) accesses, obtains, stores, manages and/or uses the User's personal data ('Utilization of Data') on or in objects, electronic devices (including smartphone or cellular phone), hardware or software, electronic documents, applications or electronic systems belonging to the User or controlled by the User, by informing the relevant User of the purpose, limitations and mechanisms for the Utilization of Data before obtaining the intended consent.
  • 4. Lenders who do not have knowledge and experience in lending and borrowing are recommended not use this service.
  • 5. Borrower must consider the loan interest rate and other costs according to their ability to repay the loan.
  • 6. Every fraud is record digitally in cyberspace and can be known by the wider public on social media.
  • 7. User must read and understand this information before making a decision to become a Lender or Borrower.
  • 8. The government, in this case the Financial Services Authority, is not responsible for any violation or non-compliance by User, whether Lender or Borrower (whether due to the User's intention or negligence) of the provisions of statutory regulations or agreements or engagements between the Operator and the Lender and/or Borrower.
  • 9. Every lending and borrowing transaction and activity or implementation of an agreement regarding lending and borrowing between or involving the Organizer, Lender and/or Borrower must be carried out through an escrow account and virtual account as required under Financial Services Authority Regulation 10/POJK.05/2022 concerning Information Technology-Based Co-Funding Services (LPBBTI) and violation or non-compliance with these provisions is evidence that a legal violation has occurred by the Operator so that the Operator is obliged to bear the compensation suffered by each User as a direct result of the violation of the law mentioned above without reducing the rights Users who suffer losses according to the Civil Code.
  • 10. User/borrower data submitted via Cairin application will be reported as well to the Fintech Data Center (FDC) or Pusdafil.
  • 11. That the Lender is aware of and fully bears the risks of providing a loan;
  • 12. That the Borrower is aware of the risk of losing assets or wealth due to payment default;
  • 13. That the Borrower has known, considered and agreed to all applicable interest rates and fees in accordance with their ability to repay the loan;
  • 14. That the Lender are required to learn basic knowledge regarding (LPBBTI) before providing loans;
  • 15. That every fraud and illegal act is fully reported to the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and the wider public in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • 16. That the credit records of Borrower will be reported periodically to the Financial Services Authority for the purposes of the Fintech Lending Data Center which will be used jointly with national banking industry players and other financial industries;
  • 17. That the Borrower has read and studied each term and condition.